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What is now known as Acapulco spent its first 2000 years as a quiet Indian village. The Spanish explorer Cortez arrived in 1530 and established Acapulco ('place of the giant reeds') as a major trading port and shipbuilding center. When Mexico severed most of its trading links with Spain following its independence, Acapulco declined for more than a century, then revived as an international tourist destination in the late 1930's.

OH ... The Many Attractions!!!

Now known best for its daredevil cliff divers, beautiful bay, sandy beaches, and glittering nightlife, Acapulco is a sophisticated and multi-lingual city that a million residents call 'home'. As Mexico's 5th-largest city, Acapulco's many points of interest include: LaQuebrada, where daredevils dive about 140 feet vertically, between a narrow gap in the rocks, into the incoming waves (and shallow waters) below.

Acapulco Bay, with its sparkling lights by night and blue waters by day; beaches ranging from the very public to the very secluded, including: Barra Vieja, Caleta, La Condesa, Pie de la Cuesta, Playa Diamante, Playa Guitarron just below Villa Ladomar, Playa Hornos and Playa Hornitos, Playa Icacos, Playa Los Hornos, Playa PuertoMarque and Revolcadero.

Spectator and participant sports include: boxing, bullfighting, wrestling, golf, and tennis, water sports of every kind: sailing,swimming,scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, wind surfing, and deepsea fishing. Also sightseeing at CICI raging waters park, Magical Marine World at Caletilla, and the San Diego Fort and Museum.

AND There is More!

More than 150 fine restaurants, featuring lunches (2:00 PM) and dinners (8:00 PM) of excellent local Pacific Ocean seafood -- plus international cuisine's ranging from Mexican to French, Italian, and Lebanese; shops featuring silver, ceramics, and handmade textiles, leathers, and other crafts; overnight trips to Mexico City and the Mexican colonial cities of Cuernavaca & Taxco.

Acapulco's climate is tropical. Temperatures are relatively constant year-round, with daily average highs of 89F and daily average lows of 75F. Rain falls mostly during the summer months of June -October; the months of November-May are quite dry. For today's Acapulco weather forecasts, see USA Today.

OK.....Lets go!

Acapulco is accessible by air through its General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport (airport code: ACA), approx. 15 miles southeast of Acapulco Bay. Direct service is available from large cities worldwide; connections through Mexico City are also available. Private taxis are not allowed to carry passengers from the airport to central Acapulco, so most visitors use 'Transportes Aeropuerto' (phone: 73-66-99-88), a specially authorized airport taxi/van service, for the 20-30 minute ride to the city. Shared rides to the city cost $4-$5 per person; your own non-shared ride should cost $15-$20. Please see Acapulco Transportation for more details.

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